Alphonse Bisaillon at centre culturel st-john

October 11 2024 20:00 au October 11 2024

593, rue Shefford, Bromont

450 534-2021 poste 5201

Hidden Treasures Series : Alphonse Bisaillon

Alphonse Bisaillon is the passion of a Charlebois and the childishness of a Boris Vian. It’s the morbid perfectionism and secret sensitivity of a Gainsbourg, the humility of a Bill Evans. It’s a song project, which owes a lot to Aznavour, but also a progressive music project, which takes us in all directions. Alphonse is a combative sensitivity, it is an absolute respect for art and what being an artist entails. Alphonse is art above all, because he is human and nothing less. Alphonse is violins, cellos, big dirty synthesizers, Astor Piazzolla-style instrumental sections, rap, rock, disco, lyrics worked and reworked over years. Alphonse, it may seem complicated, but it’s all punctuated with punk energy and unbridled self-deprecation.

Cost: $22 taxes included + service fees

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