Bromont, without moderation

7 June 2022

Resort: a group of hotel and leisure facilities typically located in a place known for its attractions.

The description in the Grand dictionnaire terminologique applies perfectly to Bromont. I don’t know of any municipality where, from downtown, one can access so many outdoor, sporting and/or contemplative activities, varied and to be combined without moderation. In the heart of the Eastern Townships’ renowned landscapes that can be savored with the eyes of an amazed child…

No other place brings together all the cycling disciplines: road, mountain, gravel, BMX, track/velodrome, paracycling, recreational cycling. Want to combine the pleasures? From the main artery, Shefford Street, more than 140 km of multipurpose trails are available, three golf courses and as many campsites; tennis, pickleball and beach volleyball courts, soccer fields, a skateboard park, basketball hoops, water games. By car, only two minutes away, we can add indoor climbing at Backbone, a fourth golf club and, in Bromont, the mountain of experiences, the water park and Divertigo (hebertism and aerial games).

The Parc des Sommets

I particularly recommend the five networks of the Parc des Sommets whose multi-use trails are shared between hikers, runners, mountain bikers and… horseback riders! The presence of horses gives a special flavor to the cohabitation, a priority in the Park. Of course, you can climb Horizon, Brome and Bernard mountains to enjoy superb views of the region, but with people of different caliber, satisfaction guaranteed in the forest through the trails while remaining at lower altitudes. And I insist on recommending the C1, the hiking belt that goes around the three mountains. From the heart of the village (by the V1, B1, B2, B3, C2 which join the C1), count on about twenty kilometers and 500 meters of difference in altitude. For a symbiosis with nature, I move to the pastoral settings of Gale Lake, a conservation area offering a remarkable diversity of wildlife, birds and plants.

All by bike

When I feel like mountain biking, the maze of trails offered by the ski resort and the Parc des Sommets is a pleasure. But I often head for the Oak Mountain sector, especially on weekends, to enjoy not only my activity, but also the exceptional family atmosphere. I am touched by the little ones who negotiate the obstacles of this realm, by the looks of their parents filled with pride. Mountain biking in the middle of the city… wow! Very important: when you come out of Oak Mountain, reward yourself for your prowess at the Canaël artisanal bakery. A mandatory stop!

On the road bike side, my favorite routes are from Bromont to Brome Lake (45 km, 405 meters of ascent) and from Bromont to Sutton (58 km, 650 meters of ascent). Easier, Bromont-Waterloo via l’Estriade, then the Campagnarde towards the Yamaska National Park constitutes a very beautiful route of approximately 55 km. For a 70 km + on the flat, I opt for the Estriade and the Montérégiade to Farnham after which we return to Bromont via the very quiet Magenta road, which runs along the Yamaska River, and the Balthazar covered bridge.

Gravel bike fans like me? Welcome to paradise! Many of the small roads in Brome-Missisquoi and Haute-Yamaska allow you to ride happily and peacefully. The farmlands, cattle and horse farms, valleys and mountains, the narrowness of the roads are a marvel and a feast for the eyes and the senses. So often I have the impression of floating between dream and reality. Depending on the itinerary chosen, we stop at La Ferme brasserie rurale, a unique open-air microbrewery concept with a view of Mount Shefford, at the Léon Courville or du Ruisseau vineyards, in the heart of rural Brome Lake (Knowlton), at the Autour de la pomme de Shefford cider house, the fruit of a young couple of cyclists, etc.

Quality golf courses

When it comes to golf, what other place in Quebec offers four clubs, three of which are within walking distance of the heart of the city? The Château Bromont, at the foot of Mount Brome, nestles in a spectacular setting on the side of a mountain, with many huge trees and lush vegetation. One of the most beautiful in Quebec! A 4-star hotel and a spa are part of the Domaine Château-Bromont. As for the Parcours du Vieux Village, it is a friendly place.

“Here, you can often find yourself in a birdie situation,” says professional and shareholder Marc Hurtubise.

The Royal Bromont offers nearly 7,000 yards of fun and challenge, and stands out with its bent grass and 75 sparkling white sand traps. Finally, the Golf des Lacs with its 12 holes invites the amateurs who have less time.

Recharge your batteries

At the end of all these beautiful emotions, how about a package in the green environment of the BALNEA spa and nature reserve, on the shores of Gale Lake or at the Domaine Château-Bromont spa? Otherwise, recharge your batteries downtown by taking a stroll along charming Shefford Street, Bromont Boulevard or the Quartier Bromont where you will find restaurants, cafés, microbreweries and boutiques.


Once you have completed your activity, you are back with your family at the campground or hotel in a flash and available to accompany them to the water games, basketball courts or soccer fields at the Germain-Désourdy Campus Park.

Finally, I would like to point out that Bromont is also open to people with limited physical abilities, as the National Cycling Centre (CNCB), which houses the Canadian Para-cycling team, offers tandem and handcycle rentals. The municipality also provides two Dahus to access the trails through the Adaptive Sports Foundation.

I look forward to seeing you in my (beautiful) playground, Bromont, a unique “resort”.

By Yvan Martineau, journalist and columnist for the program “Les week-ends de Paul Houde”