Major events at the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park

5 July 2022

The Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park is nestled in a setting that is worth the trip alone and will be the scene of major events again this year. It will be a sight to behold for visitors to the region during the International Bromont, the Nations Cup, the Bromont CCI Fall and Caballista, among others.

Camping, golfing, biking? Add excitement and amazement with these great events on the competition site of the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games.

“This is one of the five most beautiful Eventing sites in the world,” says Marc C. Vaillancourt, of the Nations Cup organizing committee.

I see many such venues on the planet,” adds Roger Deslauriers, General Manager of the Equestrian Park and father of Mario Deslauriers who represented Canada at the 1984 Olympics, “and very few are those that are bathed in such a beautiful panorama.

What a privilege, the FEI Nations Cup is the only eventing competition in North America, while the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) licenses only nine venues in the world. Another privilege: the International Bromont is the only show jumping event in Quebec. Caballista closes the competition season in hunting, equitation, dressage, combined events and show jumping.

Note: the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park is located near the Old Bromont (4 km), its restaurants and microbreweries, boutiques, golf clubs, mountain bike trails and multifunctional trails.  An undeniable asset to enhance your vacation…

International Bromont (July 27th to August 7th, 2022)

The International Bromont, one of the longest running traditions in the country with a 47-year history, will welcome 700 horses and 350 to 400 riders for the hunter/jumper events. The public should be aware that a “village” is being set up with various booths and tents to add to the visitor experience.

This is THE place to admire some of the best animals,” admits Roger Deslauriers. What still amazes me? The quality of the horses, trainers and riders is at its peak and that makes the competitions breathtaking.

Nations Cup (August 18-20th, 2022)

The Nations Cup, team and individual competitions feature exceptional horses. It is the only Eventing Nations Cup in North America.

I wish everyone could attend the most impressive discipline of cross-country once in their lives,” says Marc C. Vaillancourt. The public comes to the course to admire the horses and their riders up close. When you see and hear the horse galloping at high speed and jumping very high near you, it is very impressive.

A busy September

The Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park will also be busy the following month with the Fall Classic with its national dressage and para-dressage events on Labour Day, the Bromont Fall Eventing (September 15 to 17) with events in all three disciplines including cross-country on Saturday, September 17 and finally Caballista from September 22 to 25.

Caballista will bring together five disciplines on the same field: show jumping, hunter, equitation, combined events and dressage.

It’s totally different from the rest of the summer programming,” says Joëlle Lyonnais of Cheval Québec. For all participants, whether they are under 18 or adults up to 50 years of age, this end-of-season competition is a bit like the Olympics! Each region is represented by a delegation of riders who had to qualify on the circuit during the summer. As a team, they defend the colors of their region to win the title of Champion.

As a show on Saturday evening, Caballista will propose the Rendez-vous des Kürs, a dressage competition that is similar to figure skating with the choreographed presentation of imposed figures. Rider and horse express themselves and dance to the sound of carefully chosen and studied music.


The author, Yvan Martineau, has made a career as a TV journalist and is still very active on the radio on the Cogéco network and in some magazines, in addition to social networks where he shares his passion for cycling and the outdoors. Yvan is a citizen of Bromont.