My bike camp in Bromont

2 May 2022

For me, spring has always been synonymous with vacations that took the form of bike camps to get ready. When I was younger, I was preparing for my racing season. Later, it was to prepare my body to maximize the fun of summer outings with friends. I would often leave for a week in Virginia, on the roads of the Blue Ridge, or for a mountain bike trip in the mythical destinations of the United States. And then the pandemic hit! Travel plans went out the window.

What seemed like a disappointing situation turned into an opportunity. I bought a gravel bike and discovered countless little-used paths from Bromont. I rode all the local bike paths when I wanted to go flat and ride without thinking. Mostly, I explored the suggested routes in Brome-Missisquoi, in its most remote corners, from home. I realized that the best training camp was right here in the Townships!

First of all, being from Quebec City, I didn’t realize that in Bromont, the snow comes early… very early. This year, my first bike ride took place on March 31st. And don’t get me wrong… I wasn’t dressed like a ninja in the middle of winter! The roads were dry and I came back from my ride with a clean bike and a big smile. Since that first ride, I’ve logged many miles.

This year, the Bromont National Cycling Center has even designed courses for those who want to do a 3 to 4 day road or gravel bike ride. A short distance for the finish day and then challenges that increase in mileage from day to day.

In Bromont, the views of the Townships are magnificent. After cycling, the activities are as varied as the routes. To relax the body and mind, the BALNEA spa and the Amerispa promise a unique experience. The nearby microbreweries and vineyards are also great places to quench your thirst. Old Bromont offers charming restaurants and boutiques, but the charm of the Townships is also present in Brome Lake, Sutton, Dunham and all the other villages that we take pleasure in discovering. There are dozens of gourmet addresses and cafés to eat and relax (the Backbone café-bar is also one of my favorites… and why not go for a run on a wall to exercise your upper body muscles).

On top of all that, the cherry on top of the sundae is the accommodation options available. Hotels, condos, rustic cottages, heritage inns or in the wilderness… Bromont has everything you need for your cycling vacation. In any case, mine are here. I hope to see you this summer on our roads… with a smile!


Marie Allaire

Director of Tourism Development City of Bromont