Brunelle sugar bush

1521, rue Shefford, Bromont
J2L 1E3

450 534-1222

The Brunelle family has been an artisan in the making of maple products since 1954. They have developed 100% natural maple products by carefully controlling each step of its production, using a combination of tradition and innovation. They offer the perfect place for family reunions and sugar parties.

They have also elaborated a new Bromont local product under the name «Samare». It is Brunelle’s latest product made of maple syrup, a 100% alcoholic maple drink. Since it is a very small homemade production, only a few hundred bottles will go on sale. The 2016 Samare production won the gold medal of the 2017 Nations Cup. The product is available at Brunelle’s sugar shack. Please call when it’s not the sugar season to make sure the shop is open. The drink comes from the fermentation of maple sap reduced and matured 10 to 12 months in a cellar.

Since 2018, a second product in very limited edition is bottled. This is a version aged 5 years in oak Appalachian.

Brunelle sugar bush

1521 Shefford, Bromont, Qc J2L 1E3
Téléphone : 450 534-1222

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