Hisséo – Hebertism Park

150 Champlain St, Bromont

(450) 534-2200 1 (866) 276-6668

The 2023 season has ended, see you next summer!

Have fun at Hisséo Hebertism Park, located on Mont Soleil, at Bromont, montagne d’experiences! From the base level to the treetops, choose your own adventure course. Test your agility by walking or climbing through the 4 levels of this forest game, suitable for the whole family.

Hisséo offers over forty aerial adventure games, as well as zip lines, a climbing wall, and a free fall simulator. Games like the mega swing, standing at a height of 30 feet, and the pole-end staircase complete the adventure, taking you through a range of emotions!

The mega module mounted on stilts includes 4 height levels where the little ones can easily have fun at the first level, while the older ones can enjoy levels 2 to 4, in addition to all the other games and challenges.