1357 Shefford St, Bromont

(579) 319-0017

Renowned chef François Gagnon, founder of the PittNik brand, has recently opened a gourmet space in Bromont to unleash his culinary creativity and offer inventive dishes to be enjoyed on-site or to go, for both breakfast and lunch! PittNik also features a coffee counter and catering services.

The numerous options of ready-to-eat meals available come in handy to spice up your adventures, camping trips, van life journeys, or outdoor getaways during a weekend in Bromont! Say goodbye to boring sandwiches and welcome a gastronomic experience inspired by local terroir and world cultures. All prepared with fresh ingredients, always embellished with a touch of creativity.

A foodie destination to explore for all the epicureans in search of new discoveries. Don’t miss out!

Culinary workshops by Pittnik are available on request and can accommodate groups of 12 to 16 people. Ideal for team building, marking special occasions, or providing your group with an exceptional culinary experience! Contact Pittnik’s team for more information.