WowMoms World

117, Boulevard Bromont, Qc
J2L 2K7

450 305-6518

WowMoms World Bromont is a unique place to enjoy the joys of pregnancy and family activities. The business has several facilities to meet all needs: a Health Café, playgrounds, relaxation and a spa for babies, floatation therapy and a designer clothing store.

Healthy Café

Breakfasts and lunches prepared with local products, coffee, a broad range of smoothies, a special menu for toddlers and a wide selection of baby purees.

Physical activity
Several physical activities for parent-child: aerobics, pilates, yoga, dance, post-natal fitness, childbirth preparation and much more.

Relaxation & spa for baby
Certified massage therapists to ensure relaxation of the whole family. Facilities for flotation therapy are reserved exclusively for babies aged 0 to 18 months.

Art & letters
Playgrounds designed to stimulate the senses of children and adults. Art classes and homework aid are also offered.

Thrifty shop
Exclusive WowMoms products are available, as well as a variety of second-hand clothes from major brands: Burberry, Gucci, Dior, WowMoms, etc

WowMoms World

117, Boulevard Bromont, Qc J2L 2K7
Téléphone : 450 305-6518

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