Teleworking in Bromont

15, boulevard de Bromont, Bromont
J2L 2K4

450 534-2006 1 877 276-6668

With the rise of telework, workers are more mobile than ever. Bromont is the perfect destination to work nearby your favorite activities and enjoy a little free time in your agenda.

A few days of teleworking:

Teleworking for one day :

  • At La Halte 201, find a café with 18 seats, small working spaces, and a conference room. The organization has a partnership with URBANIA shuttles for movements and deliveries. An ideal location near the golf Château-Bromont’s golf course and at 2 minutes by car from the Bromont, montagne d’expériences ski hill.
  • Café 1792 proposes a room rental where you can work a fiew hours and relax with your coffee before visiting the Old-Bromont and walk it’s heritage tours.
  • An urgent email to send? The Chalet on the top of Bromont, montagne d’expériences is just perfect. In addition, the sight will serve inspiration.
  • The view from the heated terrace or from inside the Bistro le Calumet makes it the perfect place to work for an hour or two before going or returning to the slopes.
  • Caféine&Co is ideally located to work before a shopping spree.
  • The St-Martin hôtel & Suites, the Château-Bromont  and le Beatnik hôtel are proposing different daily room rental packages so you can meet clients before your outdoor activities.
  • The Galerie Up2meet is also a perfect place for a small meeting within an art gallery.
  • Le Royal Bromont has many room rental possibilities directly on the golf course.



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